Melanie The Raspberry ShortcakeNeelam Simply The ZestCallum Choca Latte

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Melanie The Raspberry Shortcake,Neelam Simply The Zest,Callum Choca Latte

We scoured the nation for the finest inventors to create a new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour... and now it's time for you to cast your vote for which of our three shortlisted bars will go down in history as a permanent part of our Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

So what are you waiting for? Give your taste buds a treat, try all three, and tell us which flavour you Go Madbury for!

The ultimate choccy conundrum... choose which Limited Edition Invention would you like to keep?

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Melanie - The Raspberry Shortcake

Melanie's The Raspberry Shortcake

Milk chocolate studded with raspberry pieces, white crisp pearls and shortcake.

Manchester's Melanie Fuller, full time teacher and part time Raspberry Shortcake inventor, enlisted the help of her mum to create her ultimate flavour.

Neelam - Simply The Zest

Neelam's Simply The Zest

Orange flavoured milk chocolate with caramel pieces and digestive biscuit chunks.

Neelam Shah, Leeds-based Simply the Zest inventor, was inspired to create her flavour after discovering that she couldn't find the perfect orange chocolate to satisfy her taste buds.

Callum - Choca-Latte

Callum's Choca-Latte

Milk chocolate with coffee cream and digestive biscuit pieces.

Choca-latte inventor Callum Clogher, from Roscommon, was struck by inspiration when he discovered the delicious combo of coffee and cream while working in his local coffee shop.

Which of the shortlisted flavours have you tried?

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Thanks for telling us which flavour you'd Go Madbury for!

Don’t forget, these inventions our limited-edition invented bars will only be on the shelves until the end of August, before one Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour is crowned the winner, so don’t miss the chance to try all three creations.

Here's how the votes are looking this week:

Melanie - The Raspberry Shortcake
Neelam - Simply the Zest
Callum Choca-Latte

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