Cadbury Inventor vote 2020

Whose new bar will you back?

We've searched high and low for the next irresistible Cadbury DairyMilk flavour... But which new bar will you back in Cadbury's Battleof the Inventors

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Our inventors have been hard at work... which gets your vote?

Out of the Blueberry invented by Taylor

Out of the Blueberry

A mouthwatering medley of blueberry flavoured nuggets and crispy white chocolate pearls, all in a bar of creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Invented by Taylor

Crunchy Honeycomb invented by Shannon

Crunchy Honeycomb

Creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk, bursting with a nutilicious combination of hazelnut pieces, caramel flavoured fudge and crunchy honeycomb chunks... it's the bee's knees

Invented by Shannon

Coconutty invented by Gillian


Go coco-nuts for this irresistibly indulgent blend of Cadbury Dairy Milk, crispy white chocolate pearls, and delicious coconut crumble.

Invented by Gillian

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Here's how the votes are looking this week:

Taylo's Out of the Blueberry
Shanon's Crunchy Honeycomb
Gillian's Coconutty

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