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Cadbury Inventor bars are back with three fabulous new flavours, carefully concocted and ready to face chocolate's greatest critics... YOU!

Cadbury Chocolat bars

Cadbury Inventor bars are back with three fabulous new flavours, carefully concocted and ready to facechocolate's greatest critics... YOU!

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Fizzing Cherry

Fizzing Cherry

Get ready for a party in your mouth, with fruity pieces of chewy cherry chunks, a crunch of delicious biscuit, topped off with a cracking explosion of popping candy.

Experimental baker Roxy wanted to be able to enjoy her favourite summer fruit in the best possible way... wrapped in chocolate!

No Frownie Brownie

No Frownie Brownie

This mouthwatering combo of gooey brownie chunks, crunchy salted caramel chips, and crispy biscuit pieces is guaranteed to turn that frown upside down.

Outdoor-enthusiast Sophie's invention was inspired by rainy days spent baking with her mum... a fellow self-confessed chocaholic!

Banoffee Nut Crumble

Banoffee Nut Crumble

Indulge your tastebuds in this banoffeelicious sensation... banana-flavoured fudge, crunchy golden almond caramel pieces, and a bite of biscuity goodness.

After much taste-testing with his #1 sous chef (his son!), inventor Josh created a bar inspired by his two favourite desserts.

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