Cadbury inventor winner No Frownie Brownie

Our Cadbury Inventor winner for 2021 is ‘No Frownie Brownie’. While we were super excited to bring Sophie’s creation to supermarket shelves, we’re really sad to say that we’ll be unable to manufacture this winning Inventor product as planned in 2022.

A third-party supplier was used to make the brownie pieces, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this is no longer possible. Therefore we are unable to produce the winning Inventor product going forward.

Any Cadbury product we make must meet impeccably high standards for quality and taste. In this instance, despite multiple attempts to find a solution, these standards would not have been upheld if we provided consumers with an alternative brownie option they didn’t vote for.

We apologise for any disappointed fans who have enjoyed ‘No Frownie Brownie.’ We want to thank you for your fantastic support of our Inventor campaign over the past three years.